In Decline and Failing
In Decline and Failing
The United States is in decline and failing, and just about everybody is in severe denial about it.


More than Just Federal Workers  (Posted: 27 January 2019)
The ripple effects of this third GOP government shutdown have yet to be fully realized. There are contractors who have been affected by this, many of them at universities who work with a little agency called NASA.

We tend to mock clueless, rich GOPers who cannot understand how actual human beings live, but there has been a vague sense of disconnectedness even with the public at large. Everyone will assume, because they didn't feel it directly, that things are now (or quickly going to be ) fine and that it wasn't that big of a deal. That includes the 10 to 12 percent of people who give a positive approval rating to the continuing befuddlement of the majority in these polls. Unless there are stories of really how poor this shutdown was beyond the 800,000 figure, future GOP closures won't be taken too seriously as to the harm they cause.

Yes, Invoke the Nazis  (Posted: 8 January 2019)
We can now formally invoke the contours of the Nazi regime and current American society without blushing: an endless parade of pundits on television and social media like invoking “how will history judge us?” or “the judgement of history will be harsh” regarding certain acts or people in this rotten, corrupt administration. But the real question is far more worse, because one central question of the Nazi period has always been: how did the German people allow this to happen? That is the topic that no one will want to address because the public’s culpability at not stopping the worst (and illegitimate) “president” in US history is strikingly similar to their German counterparts of yesteryear through pure inertia.

Leaping into Both Siderism
Apparently, magic has made hated Nancy Pelosi retroactively responsible for a government shutdown before Dems took control of the House.

Robert Mueller Is Not Your Savior
Imagine that we live in a society where a government lawyer is supposed to save the entire nation. Oh, wait.

Apple News is a Joke
Wherein we are treated to yet another round of noise by a tech company that wants to save news.

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