Still, She Persisted.

The President You Deserve
The President You Deserve
Why is the public so helpless in light of a lawless and corrupt president?

Doing What Americans Won’t
Doing What Americans Won’t
Until we Americans get off our fat asses nothing is going to get done.

In Decline and Failing
In Decline and Failing
The United States is in decline and failing, and just about everybody is in severe denial about it.


Don’t Get Sick  (Posted: 20 October 2019)
I’m so old, I remember when Hillary Clinton was caught on camera just about to collapse from the flu after she attended a 9/11 memorial in New York, and the media went nuts about her health and fitness. Yet Bernie Sanders’ heart attack and recovery is viewed as a strength and a plus: no one has even hinted that he should drop out of the race.

So if Elizabeth Warren catches a cold on the campaign trail and postpones an event so as not to get people in her selfie line sick, expect the ”questions” about her health to come fast and furious and without the pass one of her male competitors gets.

Blah, Blah, Blah  (Posted: 19 October 2019)
You know, if you have to take an opportunity to slam Democrats (as retired Admiral William McRaven’s unnamed buddy does in his op-ed) to qualify your dislike of the reprobate Republican criminal, then it really doesn’t matter much at all.

Oh, and who is abetting all of this? The GOP. A party that McRaven likely belongs to, but remains curiously silent about. Why in any universe would you elect another Republican president? I mean, it’s likely to happen in the future, but none of this is an aberration: it’s the climax of the Republican Party’s descent into the abyss.

The NYT Shuffle
The New York Times knows how to play its liberal and progressive audiences like a fiddle, who refuse to cancel their subscriptions in protest.

Why Trust the Brass?
Nancy Pelosi and Meryl Streep appear to have much more strength to criticize Imbecile-1 than any of the retired military brass does.

I’m Shocked That You’re Shocked
Tech companies are run by young people who have zero regard for privacy and accuracy. Quelle surprise.

Mikhail Gorbachev: World in colossal danger

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Flamboyant TV astrologer dies

Iraq protests attack Iran’s consulate in Karbala

McDonald’s boss fired after dating employee

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