Why You Still Here?

The platform is garbage, and its alleged rivals have proven to be severely wanting. But if you leave, who will be able to hear your shower-time thoughts in real time?

Remember that one of the “political aspirations of the Palestinian people” is the destruction of the Jewish state. Western liberals refuse to accept that Gazans applauded the 10/7 attack on Israel: no one demonstrated against it, no one voiced opposition to it, but sweets were handed out and revelers were the only voices heard in the streets. That’s just a fact, one that Western liberals ignore and excuse.

The YouTube Bruh Problem
You watch one video on YouTube and the algorithms assume a life of their own and start jamming recommendations that wind up going down a rabbit hole, especially if it’s some man complaining that something is “woke.”

Supremely Corrupted, Supremely Unchecked
In one term of the Supreme Court, fundamental rights have been taken away from half the population and they are not done with us yet.

Beggars to Our Own Demise
The electoral decks are being stacked against us, in plain sight, by people who do not care about how it looks and are reveling in their abuse.

The diseases stoked by climate change

German man killed in Paris knife and hammer attack

Could Twitter go bankrupt under Elmo?

Couple’s garden ornament turns out to be live bomb

Deadly explosion rocks Mass at Philippines university