Iniustitia vincit omnes

Like a lot of other people, I have various thoughts about the stupefying verdict in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But it’s just one bad verdict in a world full of them.

Fossil Fuel Fantasy
Cutting out a reliance on fossil fuels is as simple and easy as cutting carbs from our diet to lose weight, right?

We, the Sleepwalkers
With a depraved Republican Party, what other possible incentive do you need to vote against them?

Most Valuable Moron
Aaron Rodgers is not a medical professional but he has lots of opinions about science. Oh, and he’s a damn liar to boot.

Apple sues Israeli spyware firm NGO

New COVID variant detected in Israel

Mexican nursery’s lottery win turns into nightmare

Dozens test positive on SA-Netherlands flights

Two men die as storm brings gusts to UK