Doing What Americans Won’t
Doing What Americans Won’t
Until we Americans get off our fat asses nothing is going to get done.


How to Slow-Walk Something  (Posted: 13 April 2019)
@kylegriffin1: The House Ways and Means Committee set a new deadline of April 23 for the IRS to hand over Trump's tax returns.

Chairman Richard Neal warned that "failure to comply" with the deadline would be interpreted as a denial of the request.

Is there a legal reason for this? Such as: "You shall send two letters demanding X before you can proceed to the issuance of a subpoena, for I am the LORD"? Because it's extremely difficult to fathom why the House Ways and Means Committee would allow such a blatant and **illegal** disregard of their original request unless there was a legal reason behind politely asking again.

But Of Course  (Posted: 24 March 2019)
I am slightly bemused that all the people who just until last Thursday were complaining that the Mueller investigation was “unconstitutional” and a “witch hunt” are now going to appeal to its sudden authority and claim that a lack of new indictments is a legally binding rule, definitive and should be respected.

Of course.

The Gore-ing Has Started
The negative framing about Beto O’Rourke has begun in earnest.

What is the Big Deal?
A hardcore 30 percent of voters support Imbecile-1 for no other reason than hating Democrats. But what about that 10 to 12 percent addition?

I’m Shocked That You’re Shocked
Tech companies are run by young people who have zero regard for privacy and accuracy. Quelle surprise.

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