How is This Surprising?  (Posted: 20 January 2020)
Unlike the reaction of Adam Schiff, none of the actions of the NSA or CIA are “deeply concerning,” especially if you read either “The Coming of the Third Reich” or “The Third Reich in Power”. Or read anything about the Soviet Russia, for that matter.

One by one, all the institutional dominos have fallen, and countless little technocrat Eichmanns are there pushing them over.

Anyone old enough to remember how the IC was going to “take down” the criminal “president”? Still paying John Schindler for access to his crap, along with another copy of Rick Wilson’s book?

A Continuing Fiction  (Posted: 19 January 2020)
Ryan Goodman @rgoodlaw -> I spoke with PBS @NewsHour's @hari: "Every single trial that has been held in the Senate has had witnesses. And public sentiment seems to be strongly in favor or having witnesses."

It’s still difficult to understand how people at this point in time haven’t realized that Republicans do not care what public sentiment is.

Whether it’s negative polling on wrecking health care, a phony tax cut or confirming someone accused of sexual assault to the Supreme Court, the Republicans do not give a damn. Period. Time to end this fiction. (Source)

The NYT Shuffle
The New York Times knows how to play its liberal and progressive audiences like a fiddle, who refuse to cancel their subscriptions in protest.

Much Worse Than You Think
Federal agencies have been hollowed out to support a tyrant and yet, the public believes you can rely on them.

I’m Shocked That You’re Shocked
Tech companies are run by young people who have zero regard for privacy and accuracy. Quelle surprise.

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