76 (Posted: 6 Jun 2020 2:57 pm)


June 6, 1944: One of the greatest naval invasions in history, second only to the 1,000 ships that sailed to Troy, occurred with the antifascist invasion of Europe, 76 years ago today.

August 25, 1944. Just over two months later, the occupying Germans surrendered the French capital to the antifascist forces that were sent to liberate the country.

April 25, 1945: the antifascist forces of the Allied Powers liberated Italy from the Nazi occupation and saw an end to Benito Mussolini’s rule.

Dunno, seems like the antifa are the good guys defeating evil sonsofbitches.  (Link)

A Lemming’s Work is Never Done
Our Media Glitterati need to feed this image of themselves as dogged truth seekers but they continue to line up and walk steadily towards the cliff.

Like Unto the Germans
Just how are we Americans going to be like the Germans right after WWII? Let us enlighten you!

300 Days On
I was not overcome with grief when I lost and buried a parent, and that’s okay with me.

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