03 January 2017 | Let the Games Begin!

Beginning in 2017, Republicans will hold 33 governorships and fully control legislatures in 25 states, as well as the Congress and presidency.

Oh, man this reboot of 2001 is going to even more awesome than the original trifecta that brought us two wars and a compliant media. All of this just…what does Media Whore Chris Matthews say? Oh yes, it just sends a shiver up my leg about the extent of the destruction, raiding and loss that is going to occur. But at least we can be assured of awesome ratings for the three major brothels: ABC, NBC and CBS.

(P.S. Anybody ever wonder why GOP controlled states are never in the black? Hmm, there might be a pattern here, but I'll just stick with "Clinton Foundation" to ward off any rational thought.)

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