24 December 2016 | Lament of a Sports Media Whore

But it also doesn't mean I have to forget what he [Tyreek Hill] did. No one should. But that's what is happening now. I won't mention names or news organizations, but too many of us in the media (and definitely too many Chiefs fans) are slobbering over what Hill is doing on the field and practically erasing from the record what he did that one awful night, like that day can be put in a time capsule and buried in the backyard.

I never cease to be amazed at the lazy attitude of sports media folks, who can *always* be counted on to forget whatever act of violence an athlete commits, especially against women. Not to mention the phony self-criticism. Sports media have spent more time making excuses and avoiding such incidents so as not to offend their audience who not care if so-and-so beat up their girlfriend. Sports fans have low moral and ethical standards and would just assume that the woman deserved it and that they don't want to hear about this because sports media needs to stick to sports.

Look for whom these lowbrows voted for, after all.

Source: Tyreek Hill has Making of a Star, But Also an Ugly Past

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