Doing What Americans Won’t

Millions of Algerians—yes, millions—have taken to the streets for the fourth consecutive Friday to demand the resignation of their president who decided, "No, I won't run for a fifth term, but I'll say here until a successor is chosen which could be never."

How is it possible that a society like Algeria—where more people have lots to lose than we do—can do this but us? Our society is too soft, too lazy or in the aggregate, and just doesn't care to take a hint. We are content to adhere to processes and norms at the electoral box, which means watching the house burn as we stand on the lawn because we need to wait until the appropriate time to call the fire department.

There are lots of super smart people who know how to organize and yet, I don't see any movement for an Great Ape-Snake War sequel. For a country whose citizens like to preen about "freedom" and "don't tread on me," we sure don't act like it. Because I think most people don't take it seriously enough. It's all big joke. Kinda like the constant (and played out) assurance that "the walls are closing in!" on Imbecile-1. The walls of the trash compactor on the Death Star moved faster than this. Honestly, if I were Imbecile-1, I wouldn't be afraid of anything, because up to this point, what is there to be afraid of? The public? No. Congress? No. This alleged cadre of hardworking men and woman who are fighting to keep and preserve our democracy? Give me a fucking break! They have all folded as history tells us whenever a tyrant is around. And that's what this scumbag is: a tyrant. That he's incompetent belies the weakness of the system to deal as such.

We're all beggars to our own demise because we've opted to pretend our system works. There are folks who keep gaming out various scenarios with government functionary Robert Mueller to the point where I've tuned out these alleged predictions because it all reads like fan fiction. There is nothing to indicate any of these predictions is going to come true within a 100 mile radius. If the system has folded as I maintain, there will be no one around to carry out these republic-saving actions. Imbecile-1 is not going to resign. He's not going to be shown the door and work out some deal to avoid prosecution. He will just get away with it.

Until people get off their fat asses and take a clue from those millions of Algerians, nothing is going to get done. Nothing.