06 September 2016 | What, Me Worry?

Why should the GOP be worried about anything now? Since their break, it doesn't appear that their candidate is actually suffering too badly, what with polls (yes, I know) showing him either tied with Hillary Clinton or just a couple points behind.

Trump's "lurching" from crisis to crisis hasn't signaled anything to potential voters, certainly not the new generation of Naderites coalescing around Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. While I still personally maintain that the panic won't actually set in among the populace until late October, Trump is singularly unaffected by mistakes, threats, bluster, etc. Our Media Glitterati have fixed it in everyone's mind that Clinton is corrupt and like TPP or NAFTA, people are blurting out "Clinton Foundation" with the same distaste and the same level of knowledge: they don't really know what it's about, but they know it's corrupt. True story, bro.

Facts are not going to change their minds.

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