18 January 2017 | Understanding the Media Whores

You have to understand something very basic about the nation's Media Whores: they are weak men and women who are attracted to power. And when your worth depends on clicks or other ratings metrics, you need to keep access to power at all costs. If you have no access to power, you cannot provide the entertainment under the guise of news, and you give a gift to your competitors, vying for the same clicks and ad dollars. The desire to remain within the center of power overwhelms everything else. And when you confront weak men and women, they typically fold, so they continue to broadcast every stupid saying and every ridiculous lie without any difficulty.

This is why the above tweet concerning senior vice president of news and editorial director Michael Oreskes is so very easy to understand: it reeks of a eunuch, dominated personality that clings to the notion that those who vilify the press **might** be correct about some of that vilification. What Mr. Oreskes is saying in his long-winded message to NPR news staff is to make sure that access to power remain a priority. It is a sop to the party in power that you will be gentle, lest they get angry with you and deny you a press pass and call you "unfair."

Now, compare this to a post by Josh Marshall, editor and publisher of Talking Points Memo, who advises:

The answer to attacks on journalism is always more journalism. And the truth is that Trump's threats are cheap stunts and bluffs, threatening to take away things journalists don't need.

Unfortunately, Mr. Oreskes is just a symptom of the direction all the major media outlets are headed: abject whoredom.

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