04 January 2017 | On Asking Dumb Questions

Media Tweet

This kids, is what we call a dumb question.

Why is it dumb? Because we know the answer to it: if you have to ask, it does not matter.

Our Media Whores (now capitalized!) have long seen fit to normalize whatever the Russian Agent is doing. And for the record, I want to never use that verb again, because the right phrase is "to propagandize" or "make propaganda," kinda like what the phrase "fake news" actually means. The Media Whores have accustomed themselves not to ask actual questions of policy (there are a few exceptions) but content to chase down tweets. Repeat that to yourself: chase down tweets.

This only proves Marshall McLuhan's contention that the medium is the message, and there can be no more vapid a medium than Twitter, especially when it is used by someone temperamentally unfit to occupy the Oval Office. The complete lack of seriousness here should have been called into question a very long time ago, but the Media Whores, as I've stated, are not into seriousness but ratings, especially with the Russian Agent providing so much entertainment. Don't take my word for it, ladies and gentlemen, that sentiment is straight from the CEO of CBS.

And this is why you have scores of reporters who allow themselves to be used so handily and flummoxed so easily: you let it happen because it's good for ratings and clicks.

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