29 October 2016 | The Optics So Far

Here's the optics of what we have since Friday.

1) Despicable GOP presidential candidate who has ZERO investigations about his sleazy business practices, Russian ties, etc., always calling her "crooked' and threatens to lock her up. Encourages chanting of the same thing.

2) An FBI director who throws chum into the water, bringing scores of Media Whores (like NPR) to feed and make implications against Hillary Clinton that turns out, have no basis

3) A mouth breathing House rep, Jason Chaffetz (R-Pissquik) who runs around screaming that there are 2 years of investigations They plan against Hillary Clinton

Three men in positions of power out to destroy one woman. Whether you like her or hate her, it's requires a great deal of mental acrobatics to ignore this now salient point at this stage in the election.

The original title of Stieg Larson's first book fits: The Men Who Hate Women.

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