30 July 2016 | A Four-Front War?

Not sure how this is possible, but it seems that Hillary Clinton is fighting what appears to be a four-front war: the media whores, Trump, Russian government hackers, WikiLeaks and Bernie Bro dead enders.

An analysis of online stories shows that media coverage of Clinton has been routinely and heavily negative, and the pouting of MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell and Rachel Maddow certainly push that idea long. Trump is expected because he's fighting with her on a political front, but he continues to get free publicity, little pushback when lying about issues, which isn't going to change. Russian intelligence services have joined the fray with its own hackers, who have not only got into DNC computers, but also the Clinton campaign itself. The detestable Julian Assange, holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London (his stay is funded by British taxpayers) is interfering with the American electoral process with leaking those hacks, plus more (and doxxing untold numbers of Turkish women while he's at it).

And of course, the Bernie Bros. Those aggrieved, mostly college white kids who keep threatening a "DemExit" but are still around making those threats to keep us enthralled by their big mouths, foot-stamping and direct comparisons to the treatment of black people. You can add in the Jill Stein and Gary Johnson voters, who when pooled together, can probably siphon enough just enough votes to get Trump elected.

But at least their stratospheric moral and ethical levels will remain intact.

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