26 May 2016 | A Whole Lotta Nothingburger

As usual, our Media Glitterati latched onto the Office of the Inspector General's report regarding the use of email for the State Department and instantly concluded: Hillary is in trouble.

What's missing is, of course, that this report was *not* about Hillary Clinton. It was about the the entire department. It was about what the guidelines are, which is that both outgoing and incoming emails need to be printed out and then put into a box. And then another box when the first one gets filled. And then another box. This continues until you no longer work for the State Department.

This can result in potentially thousands of boxes full of paper. Just ask former Secretary of State Colin Powell...wait, we can't do that because he never printed one single email as per the guidelines. In fact, the report notes, he never responded to requests for those emails.

Now Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, wound up turning over 50,000 of these emails. Not all where made available when she was no longer serving as the nation's top diplomat. We know that the FBI is looking into the use of a private email server, which as we know, was not illegal during Hillary's tenure there. Colin Powell also used one, too, although I've never heard of that worthy of FBI investigation.

But the narrative is this: Hillary's email woes are getting worse. They're getting bigger. They could derail her campaign. She's under FBI investigation (which is not true) and these emails could spell criminal trouble for her. Our hapless media fucks are not providing us with any salient facts, but dressing up the entire nothingburger as a seven course meal.

I often tell right wingers that you don't need to lie or conflate stuff in order to tell me that you hate Hillary Clinton. If you hate her, well, it's a free country, and you're welcome to hate anyone you want and still consider yourself to be an upstanding member of your church. But this report says nothing about laws being broken. It says nothing about national security being at risk. In fact, there's a section in that report stating that "employees should generally use department email." Generally. That means that it's often not. Our Media Glitterati have spun this story—one full of so much bureaucratic mendacity that it's comical for government haters to side with it—into something ominous. Like just about every other alleged Clinton scandal, there's no "there" there. It's just another shouting point that the media scrambles to find trouble with and magnifies it with oh-so-serious delivery.

Way to go, media fucks. Way to go.

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