26 March 2016 | Hillary delenda est!

I continue to be amazed at Salon.com's frenzied, blinding hatred of Hillary Clinton, to the point where they are putting out a blog entry every other day telling their readers how horrible she is.

I dunno, maybe there's some secret jealousy from the attention the GOP is getting over their mess of things that they want some of it on their side. Thus, they go about demonizing her as a female Donald Trump, I suppose, what with her warmongering, her Iraq war vote, her warmongering and her Iraq war vote.

Now that another round of caucuses are underway, where Bernie Sanders will probably win, there will be glimmers of hope that he can destroy "the Clinton machine" or what not. Or at least declarations that her campaign is in trouble and how millennials loathe her.

Or some such thing.

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