09 February 2016 | Tomorrow's Headlines, Today!

Well, you’ll read it here first: “Hillary’s campaign is in trouble.” “Clinton campaign in disarray.” “New Hampshire rejects Hillary by wide margin.”

And the one that’s supposed to hurt to most? “She’s no longer ‘inevitable.’ ”

Believe me, our Media Glitterati have already queued up the blog entries for what they expect to a devastating primary election for Hillary Clinton.

Of course, the first in the nation primary isn’t the end of the run for the Democratic nomination. But you might be forgiven if you think otherwise because that’s how our hapless media fucks will frame the vote, no matter how close or how far her numbers are. And just like the Denver Broncos, no one is expecting her to win at all. Hell, even her razor-thin win in Iowa is seen as not really winning.

So in case you have any doubt, New Hampshire will be a disaster for Hillary Clinton because there’s no other narrative. People have easily forgotten that the fight between her and Barack Obama in 2008 went all the way into the summer. But just as she’s never said that she’s an inevitable candidate, the media wants to pretend that this is what she truly believes, because everything that motivates her is lust for power at all costs.

And this is a sentiment that widespread among liberals, mind you.

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