26 January 2016 | She's Up! She's Down!

If you listen to the media whores, Hillary Clinton is either leading Bernie Sanders or she's trailing him. She's up in Iowa, but barely, or she has a sizable lead. But she's losing in New Hampshire, but could pull off a win.

This is the cycle that we're in right now, and it's only going to get worse because the Media Glitterati has to portray these two first voting grounds as a clash of civilizations. I've long questioned the relevancy of Iowa and New Hampshire because this is not the 1950s. These are lily-white states which for some reason, the pundits insist represent the rest of America. This assertion on top of the repeated stories about the country's changing demographics. Talk about disconnect.

As if to make this little narration seem even more accurate, we get treated to factoids that "no candidate of Party X has gone on to get the nomination without winning Iowa or New Hampshire." This is some voodoo handicapping, I'm sure, but one that doesn’t take into account Rick Santorum's win in 2008, which surprised any number of political bloviators. And it certainly did not explain the months-long fight between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, either. These two contests may be among the first in the nation, but electorally and politically, they seriously lack relevance in states that matter more, like Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, to name a few.

But, as you know, our hapless media likes a narrative, and they've been pushing this one with the same rigor as before. So it has to be breathless blog entries about who allegedly won this debate or that one, or where one candidate went wrong, some such bullshit. And yet, everyone eats it all up like they're listening to the Oracle at Delphi.

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