31 December 2015 | Continuing to Miss the Point

But that’s the least bad of [Marco Rubio's] ideas. The next is term limits for Congress, an idea that fell out of favor for a while and Rubio now wants to bring back. But what is it supposed to accomplish? Is Washington going to run more smoothly with more members who don’t know how to pass legislation? We’ve seen a huge influx of new members (mostly Republicans) in the last few congressional elections, and they haven’t exactly been committed to making government work. To the contrary, they’re the ones who care least about having a functioning government and are more likely to be nihilistic extremists who want to shut down the government, default on the national debt and govern by crisis.

This last point seems absolutely lost on the voters who were suckered into putting these folks into office, and still roundly complain about Washington not working without the slightest bit of irony or self-awareness.

Source: Marco Rubio’s terrible new idea

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