The Arrogance of Inevitability   (Published: 04 November 2022)
It is not that Democrats won’t lose any seats in the upcoming midterms, but there is something off about the narrative of GOP inevitability.

The Ghost of 2016   (Published: 03 November 2022)
Everyone is holding their breath about the 2022 midterms, but our Media Glitterati seemed to have decided the contest before it’s even over.

Things Fall Apart   (Published: 04 July 2022)
July 4, 2022 reflects an Independence Day where half of the population has lost a constitutional right to privacy.

The Great Hanger Reboot    (Published: 08 May 2022)
Overturning of Roe v Wade will effect half of the population right out of the gate, but half of *them* probably won’t care too much.

A European Failure   (Published: 03 April 2022)
“Never again” is the emptiest phrase that should be banished in every language, to be replaced by “wait until next time.”

Watching Canada Fold   (Published: 09 February 2022)
If I were associated with those truckers in Ottawa, there should be a victory lap going on.

They Catch the Cold   (Published: 30 January 2022)
It’s not just COVID that Canadians have to deal with, it’s also American-style denialism and irrationality.

A Quite Pointless Exercise   (Published: 18 January 2022)
Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin lack the one thing that a moral pressure campaign assumes: compassion.

The Bad Faith of White Politicians   (Published: 17 January 2022)
This year will mark the most cynical, and perhaps meaningless, Martin Luther King Day on record.

Everything Lost and More   (Published: 06 January 2022)
We have lost more things because of the attack on January 6 than we are willing to admit.

Fossil Fuel Fantasy   (Published: 11 November 2021)
Cutting out a reliance on fossil fuels is as simple and easy as cutting carbs from our diet to lose weight, right?

We, the Sleepwalkers   (Published: 08 November 2021)
With a depraved Republican Party, what other possible incentive do you need to vote against them?

A Most Soviet State   (Published: 24 October 2021)
Republicans talk a lot about freedom and personal choice, but deep down, they are driven by Communist impulses to control everything.

There’s Always an Excuse   (Published: 18 September 2021)
There was no doubt that this much-touted rally for the Jan 6 domestic terrorists and the object of their worship would be a total flop.

Twenty Years On   (Published: 07 September 2021)
Twenty years after that deadly September morning, it seems that Osama bin Laden might have gotten what he wanted after all.