A Quite Pointless Exercise   (Published: 18 January 2022)
Co-Presidents Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin lack the one thing that a moral pressure campaign assumes: compassion

The Bad Faith of White Politicians   (Published: 17 January 2022)
This year will mark the most cynical, and perhaps meaningless, Martin Luther King Day on record.

Everything Lost and More   (Published: 06 January 2022)
We have lost more things because of the attack on January 6 than we are willing to admit.

Fossil Fuel Fantasy   (Published: 11 November 2021)
Cutting out a reliance on fossil fuels is as simple and easy as cutting carbs from our diet to lose weight, right?

We, the Sleepwalkers   (Published: 08 November 2021)
With a depraved Republican Party, what other possible incentive do you need to vote against them?

A Most Soviet State   (Published: 24 October 2021)
Republicans talk a lot about freedom and personal choice, but deep down, they are driven by Communist impulses to control everything.

There’s Always an Excuse   (Published: 18 September 2021)
There was no doubt that this much-touted rally for the Jan 6 domestic terrorists and the object of their worship would be a total flop.

Twenty Years On   (Published: 07 September 2021)
Twenty years after that deadly September morning, it seems that Osama bin Laden might have gotten what he wanted after all.

A Slap on the Wrist   (Published: 04 September 2021)
The Insurrectionist Formerly Known as QAnon Shaman pleaded guilty to obstructing an official proceeding, but don’t expect much by way of repentance.

I Cannot Trust the CDC (or Others)   (Published: 17 May 2021)
The Centers for Disease control now says vaccinated people can go without masks in a whiplash move that raises more questions than answers.

They Will (Mostly) Get Away with It   (Published: 16 May 2021)
Judicial revenge porn fans need to drop the idea that the people charged in the 1/6 insurrection are going to all rot in jail. They’re not.

When Nothing Matters   (Published: 14 February 2021)
This is a country without a moral center, but has a growing hollowness it mistakes for morality, truth and decency.

Not Even a Man   (Published: 13 February 2021)
The life of the former vice president was put in jeopardy, but he won’t even offer a peep of criticism about the person who caused it.

The Troubles to Come   (Published: 11 November 2020)
The sad truth is that Americans admire criminals, and the one occupying the Oval Office is no different.

Collapse   (Published: 31 October 2020)
The arguments for stopping ballot counts will more than likely suddenly reverse into counting *all* the ballots when the GOP realizes the vote isn’t going their way.