23 March 2013 | The Angry Week

How would I describe the past week? How about one full of anger. I was just so angry about so many different things, even I'm surprised. It just seemed that everyday was a new, fresh irritation that got the better of me. I don't know if I was being hypersensitive to stuff, feeling pressured about one deadline after another, resentful over the fact that I feel pretty much ignored and undervalued at my place of employment. Nothing that anyone else doesn't feel, but man, the anger that just keep washing over me day after day was taxing.

I even told myself that maybe it was because I had cut down on the coffee that was making me moody, but I hasten to point out that it's instant coffee and barely one cup in the morning. I think I know lots of people who would say instant coffee doesn't count.

I still cannot figure it out.