03 October 2012 | Time to Leave the Bandwagon

Reading the tech sites and blogs is starting to feel like I did after three months of right-wing radio back in 2008: I've just had enough. I'm tired of all of it.

Between the screaming crybabies in the comments section and the hyperactive "coverage" of a product's faults that are blown out of proportion, it just feels like too much noise that is more to entertain (with a bitchy writing style) than actually to inform.

I'm tired of hearing about Apple's Maps app. About Samsung's commercials calling Apple's customers "sheep" or mindless drones. About endless patent litigation from companies that don't make actual products. About everything needing to be an epic winner-takes-all war; a stream of leaked specs and pictures of upcoming this and that which pretty much ruins a final product. Press conferences for products that go all out as if they are actual news conferences about matters of great importance. It's all trade show stuff, yes, but the gravitas is phony, as well as the ceaseless prognostication. And an inexhaustible supply of experts who are always on hand to tell Company X and Y about What They Need to Do to Survive, but who have never owned a business themselves or mistake their stint at Company Y for actually running it.

But most of all, I am just tired of the people. The comments section of any site, but especially tech sites, has become an unbearable stupidity that serves no real interest. As someone once said, these sections are where the world's unhappiness comes to live. Boy, was this guy right.