24 October 2021 | A Most Soviet State

A Most Soviet State

My father always told me that deep down, Republicans were very much like the Communist Party. Sure, he said, they get visually turned on by all those tough, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Nordic types so admired and promoted by the Nazis, but what drives all of their impulses was the beating heart of a dyed-in-the-wool commie.

He was right. I take a look at the actions of the Republican Party and can’t help but see how they chase after being good communists: control over what you read, what you think, brooking no dissent and always marching to a single beat. They toe the line at all costs. There’s no individuality at all, even though they cynically act like they’re all about independence and freedom. And they are quick to punish those not sufficiently loyal to the personality cult.

And I can think of no more Soviet behavior than the government of the state of Texas. On any given day, the Texas legislature, the governor and other high ranking officials are busy taking away freedoms: the freedom to vote; the freedom to conduct private business according to free market principles without government interference or threats (like say, mandating vaccine shots for your employees); the freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by forcing kids to attend schools without masks against a parents’ wishes. Oh, and one of the bigger ones: the right to privacy for a woman who elects to have an abortion no matter the reason.

This is pure Soviet-style control over society. It’s deliciously communist for a state that pretends it’s all about individual choice and freedom. (Hey, “freedom is slavery,” right?) The Republican Party is in full tyranny mode, and Texas, among all the other states vying for the crown of “Most Soviet”, is leading the pack with such gusto that it would bring a smile to Vladimir Putin’s face.