18 September 2021 | There’s Always an Excuse

There’s Always an Excuse

Oh, I had no doubt that this much-touted insurrection-friendly rally would be a total flop. You could sense this from a mile away. And I also had no doubt that excuses for failure would start flying almost as fast.

As early as the day before this exercise, I was seeing various stories that people might stay away because it could be a “false flag operation.” As if what, thousands of people would go only to realize they were duped and Hillary Clinton would drop the order to have them all arrested while wearing a mask made from a baby’s face? They’re on to you, libs! Too clever by a half, these guys!

But it was likely more a flop for all the media scrutiny as well as the huge number of law enforcement showing up. That's a mixed verdict because it implies that more people might have gone otherwise. (I suspect not.) In any case, there are plenty of excuses to be had that can’t ignore something basic: people aren’t really that keen into insurrection, or at least showing how tuff they are when outnumbered by the cops that they can’t attack.