16 May 2021 | They Will (Mostly) Get Away with It

They Will (Mostly) Get Away with It

I remain bemused that so many people are under the illusion that individuals getting charged in the 1/6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol are going to do hard time and rot away in jail for the rest of their lives. Nothing of the sort is going to happen.

There will be plea deals, charges dropped, suspended sentences and only in limited cases, a few months in jail at most. Do I know this for a fact? No. But in the past four years, you can count the number of people linked with the criminal administration of President Biden’s predecessor who have gone to jail on one hand, and most of them have already gotten out. The others were pardoned and they were found guilty of serious crimes. Our vaunted legal system has no mechanism to deal with such corruption, so they now sleep in their own beds. And the same is likely to play out for many of these would-be insurrectionists who literally tried to overturn a fair and free election. But yet the fantasy of long prison terms remains as ensconced as claims of election fraud.

These low rent barnyard exhibits are not going to suffer as much as judicial porn fanatics keep hoping and wanting. America is a consequence-free country and not the “nation of laws, not men” routinely advertised on the brochure. Just wait and watch.