20 September 2020 | What Happens When You Die?

What Happens When You Die?

I’ve heard lots of talk about the hundreds of bills that the House of Representatives passed this year and have moved on to the Senate where they are deliberately languishing because of Republican malfeasance. One of them was a revamped Voting Rights Act, which of course, you can be assured the GOP Senate Majority Leader does not want to have a vote on because, well, that’s what being a Republican is all about.

But what happens when bills die? Here’s your civics lesson, courtesy the NAACP:

“Once a Congress adjourns, however, at the end of its two-year cycle, all bills that have been introduced in either the House or the Senate that have not made it through the entire legislative process and signed into law are dead. ..Many bills that are not signed into law during a Congress are often re­introduced the following Congress. They are almost always given new numbers; sometimes the content or title of a bill might be changed when they are reintroduced. It is not uncommon for a bill to be reintroduced in four or five different Congresses (over a period of 8-10 years) before any action is taken on it. Oftentimes, bills are reintroduced and reintroduced until the main sponsor leaves Congress, when it may just die or be taken up by someone else.”

The more you know!