19 September 2020 | An Interesting Comment

An Interesting Comment

I saw this on Talking Points Memo, and it’s certainly worth sharing because at face value, it seems fairly reasonable. Of course, this assumes the wretched senator from Kentucky has the votes locked in:

“McConnell’s move will most likely be to start the nomination process, but not hold a vote until after election day. Leaving the seat in limbo like that boosts conservative turn out, rushing to fill it only boosts outraged Dem turn out.
After the election, he moves to have the vote in the lame duck session. Collins will vote for the nominee. Romney will vote for the nominee. Murkowski will vote for the nominee. Any other Rs that lose their seat will also vote for the nominee. McConnell will easily have the votes in the lame duck session.
Parse the statements coming out of Murkowski, and apparently Romney’s office…they are merely saying the don’t think a vote should happen before Election Day, not the inauguration.

And make no mistake about it, Romney will approve the nominee. Because it will be someone he himself would have put up if he had been President. He may not like Trump, but he his a dedicated GOPer. And likewise, every republican who loses their seat, will vote for the nominee for the same reasons, plus the added incentive offered by the RW job placement folks for out of work Senators.”