How to Slow-Walk Something  (13 April 2019)
@kylegriffin1: The House Ways and Means Committee set a new deadline of April 23 for the IRS to hand over Trump's tax returns.

Chairman Richard Neal warned that "failure to comply" with the deadline would be interpreted as a denial of the request.

Is there a legal reason for this? Such as: "You shall send two letters demanding X before you can proceed to the issuance of a subpoena, for I am the LORD"? Because it's extremely difficult to fathom why the House Ways and Means Committee would allow such a blatant and **illegal** disregard of their original request unless there was a legal reason behind politely asking again.

But Of Course  (24 March 2019)
I am slightly bemused that all the people who just until last Thursday were complaining that the Mueller investigation was “unconstitutional” and a “witch hunt” are now going to appeal to its sudden authority and claim that a lack of new indictments is a legally binding rule, definitive and should be respected.

Of course.

We Have Winner  (21 March 2019)
>What's being revealed through all these Trump Crime Family activities is that when it really comes down to it, there simply is no penalty or downside for grossly unethical and/or criminal behavior.

WINNER! This sums it up nicely and I have yet to hear any congressional Democrat connect this criminality with the entire Republican Party itself. Often, Dems keep referring to their “colleagues” in such polite terms that it’s unlikely a true accounting for this will ever happen. They’re all going to get away with it and why not? There’s no indication that there is any real price to pay at all and no incentive to be afraid of law enforcement. It’s all one, big joke.

Ooops  (20 March 2019)
Okay, I will admit to being a little bit of a jerk about this one: one of the rationales for the OSIRIS-REx mission was “planetary defense,” so that its trip to the asteroid Bennu could give us all a heads up to the potential of a catastrophic impact on Earth. And then this happened: a meteor with the impact energy of 10 atomic bombs exploded over the planet.

It seems to me that if you cannot even notice such a thing until after it has impacted, there is no point in pretending that expenditures on a mission like OSIRIS-REx is crucial to planetary defense. And that incident also makes a joke out of NASA’s plan to stop asteroids before they hit Earth.

More than Just Federal Workers  (27 January 2019)
The ripple effects of this third GOP government shutdown have yet to be fully realized. There are contractors who have been affected by this, many of them at universities who work with a little agency called NASA.

We tend to mock clueless, rich GOPers who cannot understand how actual human beings live, but there has been a vague sense of disconnectedness even with the public at large. Everyone will assume, because they didn't feel it directly, that things are now (or quickly going to be ) fine and that it wasn't that big of a deal. That includes the 10 to 12 percent of people who give a positive approval rating to the continuing befuddlement of the majority in these polls. Unless there are stories of really how poor this shutdown was beyond the 800,000 figure, future GOP closures won't be taken too seriously as to the harm they cause.

Yes, Invoke the Nazis  (08 January 2019)
We can now formally invoke the contours of the Nazi regime and current American society without blushing: an endless parade of pundits on television and social media like invoking “how will history judge us?” or “the judgement of history will be harsh” regarding certain acts or people in this rotten, corrupt administration. But the real question is far more worse, because one central question of the Nazi period has always been: how did the German people allow this to happen? That is the topic that no one will want to address because the public’s culpability at not stopping the worst (and illegitimate) “president” in US history is strikingly similar to their German counterparts of yesteryear through pure inertia.

Two Women  (07 January 2019)
I still think this is worth noting, although it's pretty much fallen out of the cycle: two women of color, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashia Tlaib, came under heavy fire from white Republican men because of an old dancing video and swearing. I'll gloss over that the GOP party leader is a lying racist who likes bragging about grabbing pussies (his words) and just marvel at how much hatred GOP men have for women. No wonder their wives are frigid and self-loathing.

Used and Abused  (06 January 2019)
Federal works have long been the target of ire and contempt by the Republican Party. They're often described as "lazy" or "entitled" and also bear the brunt of unfounded criticism, not to mention GOP-powered government shutdowns.

Funny thing is, there's probably no small number of them that keep voting for a party that hates them so much. And so when Imbecile-1 claims federal workers are supporting this shutdown and are encouraging him, it wouldn't be surprising if *some* of them aren't. But more to the point, since federal workers let GOPers get away with using and abusing them so much, Imbecile-1 can make those statements without any pushback on their part.

No One Cares Too Terribly Much  (21 December 2018)
This Mattis quitting news has a Facebook scandal feel to it, in that you have lots of people lecturing about how bad it is and how serious it it and why you should be concerned, but everyone just shrugs their shoulders and doesn’t give a shit and keeps doing whatever entertaining thing they were already doing.

A Note about Tech Culture  (14 December 2018)
The irony of this blog post is that tech guys belong to a culture that gives in to very anti-democratic impulses and selective standards (called “situational morality” back in the day). They sneer at politicians who “don’t get it” yet won’t participate in any meaningful way to elect those who do. And when having a great a deal of power in terms of how information is distributed, tech culture has completely failed in any social obligations, preferring to pawn that off on aforementioned politicos who “don’t get it.”

Tech culture is successful at theft, damage and insult. It can’t offer any solutions because it can’t be *bothered* to do so.