Chock Full of Historical Nuggets  (26 September 2020)

Chock Full of Historical Nuggets
A beautiful edition about one the worst times in human history.

Confused about current events? You just need to pick up a copy of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” by William L. Shirer. Specifically, read Chapter 12, “The Road to Munich” wherein Hitler breaks the vaunted German generals rather easily, many of whom as early as 1938 had already started plotting to overthrow him. 

Now, the active shitter in the White House is no Hitler, because that's an insult to Hitler. (Seriously, Hitler was not a stupid man by any stretch of the imagination.) But America, not liking to do readin’ and learnin’, has decided to follow the contours of the tyranny that overtook 1930s Germany to the fullest. That includes false hopes that the “adults in the room” would put country above all else and “do the right thing.” German general leadership folded and didn’t prevent the country from falling headlong into an abyss that cost Germany the war.

As you will tell from reading that chapter alone, **everything** collapsed and no one did a damn thing about it. Enjoy!

What Happens When You Die?  (20 September 2020)

What Happens When You Die?
Remember this guy?

I’ve heard lots of talk about the hundreds of bills that the House of Representatives passed this year and have moved on to the Senate where they are deliberately languishing because of Republican malfeasance. One of them was a revamped Voting Rights Act, which of course, you can be assured the GOP Senate Majority Leader does not want to have a vote on because, well, that’s what being a Republican is all about.

But what happens when bills die? Here’s your civics lesson, courtesy the NAACP:

“Once a Congress adjourns, however, at the end of its two-year cycle, all bills that have been introduced in either the House or the Senate that have not made it through the entire legislative process and signed into law are dead. ..Many bills that are not signed into law during a Congress are often re­introduced the following Congress. They are almost always given new numbers; sometimes the content or title of a bill might be changed when they are reintroduced. It is not uncommon for a bill to be reintroduced in four or five different Congresses (over a period of 8-10 years) before any action is taken on it. Oftentimes, bills are reintroduced and reintroduced until the main sponsor leaves Congress, when it may just die or be taken up by someone else.”

The more you know!

An Interesting Comment  (19 September 2020)

An Interesting Comment
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1933-2020

I saw this on Talking Points Memo, and it’s certainly worth sharing because at face value, it seems fairly reasonable. Of course, this assumes the wretched senator from Kentucky has the votes locked in:

“McConnell’s move will most likely be to start the nomination process, but not hold a vote until after election day. Leaving the seat in limbo like that boosts conservative turn out, rushing to fill it only boosts outraged Dem turn out.
After the election, he moves to have the vote in the lame duck session. Collins will vote for the nominee. Romney will vote for the nominee. Murkowski will vote for the nominee. Any other Rs that lose their seat will also vote for the nominee. McConnell will easily have the votes in the lame duck session.
Parse the statements coming out of Murkowski, and apparently Romney’s office…they are merely saying the don’t think a vote should happen before Election Day, not the inauguration.

And make no mistake about it, Romney will approve the nominee. Because it will be someone he himself would have put up if he had been President. He may not like Trump, but he his a dedicated GOPer. And likewise, every republican who loses their seat, will vote for the nominee for the same reasons, plus the added incentive offered by the RW job placement folks for out of work Senators.”

Viral Stupidity  (27 July 2020)

Viral Stupidity
The two morons have now been banned from Walmart. Achievement unlocked!

Okay, so a couple of asswipes drove to a Walmart without appreciably going over the speed limit per federal laws, didn’t park in a handicapped spot unless they had an appropriate permit per state and federal laws, entered into a store where they can buy whatever they want, but they are actually like 1930s Jews in Germany because they were required to wear masks so donned ones with a swastika. (And where did they get these?)

What did I miss? Were they put on a train afterwards and are now in a camp and no one knows how they are doing? Or did they likely swing by a McDonald’s to get some supersized meals and return to their trailer park and lament how much freedom they’ve lost because of the liberals?

Willkommen in Portland!  (19 July 2020)

Willkommen in Portland!
Das ist für Ihre Sicherheit.

Well, I for one am eagerly awaiting the swift response of the III Percenters and the Minute Men (but are they still around?) over this blatant exercise in federal tyranny with unmarked and unidentified federal agents actually kidnapping people in Portland, Oregon in violation of their basic constitutional rights.

I am joking, of course. All of these so-called militias have merely exposed themselves, again, to have been full of shit about federal overreach and Big Government. You can only count on their big mouths piping up when the president is a Democrat, and reaching hysterical levels when that president was black. (Anyone remember Jade Helm?) But it is no joke that these actions in Portland by the Department of Homeland Security is right out of Nazi Germany: these are the jackbooted thugs that right-wingers like to warn about. This is the threat to basic liberty and freedom that conservatives like to warn about. Except when they don't and keep quiet as it actually occurs.

Wonder if they’ve been full of crap, too.

76  (06 June 2020)

Taxis to Hell – and Back – Into the Jaws of Death by Robert F. Sargent

June 6, 1944: One of the greatest naval invasions in history, second only to the 1,000 ships that sailed to Troy, occurred with the antifascist invasion of Europe, 76 years ago today.

August 25, 1944. Just over two months later, the occupying Germans surrendered the French capital to the antifascist forces that were sent to liberate the country.

April 25, 1945: the antifascist forces of the Allied Powers liberated Italy from the Nazi occupation and saw an end to Benito Mussolini’s rule.

Dunno, seems like the antifa are the good guys defeating evil sonsofbitches.

Welcome to Your Tyranny  (03 June 2020)

Welcome to Your Tyranny

The System is a Downer  (25 May 2020)

The System is a Downer
Facebook is bad, but Twitter seems to be worse.

I have a Twitter account that often gets into lockdown over perceived spam and such. This often happens when I respond directly to whiny, failed GOP politicos who think they’re looking tuff when complaining about needing to make an appointment to shop in person at Pottery Barn. Talk about being a snowflake *and* an elitist. (The tweet has since been deleted.)

But if my account were a bot, and were spreading disinformation, especially about COVID-19, there would be no repercussions. Half of the Twitter accounts pushing to “reopen America” were disinfo ones. But here’s the kicker: the study concluded that banning these accounts wouldn’t do anything. Huh? How did that study reach that end? It’s something that Twitter would say because they really don’t want to; it goes against their business model. And has anyone actually seen any evidence that Twitter consistently follows its own rules? I mean, the so-called president of the United States is a mainstay of lies and other disinfo, but there’s no action against his account.

But little, obscure accounts like mine, well, they can easily get locked down on a whim. Although more people are on Facebook than Twitter, it’s hard not to view the latter as the shittiest and most unfair platform polluting the public sphere.

Riddle Me This  (23 May 2020)

Riddle Me This
Do you have yours?

In the place I live, eight weeks ago there were no coronavirus cases. As of today, my county has over 2,000 of them, with a death toll of 173 people. The university where I reside is also making lots of noises about a campus re-entry program.

My question is simple: if we have now have a couple thousand cases that we didn’t have eight weeks ago, how is anyone deciding that it’s now the time to ”re-open” anything? Restaurants, hair salons and other businesses are all touting how they’re happy to be back, but the numbers of COVID-19 are trending in the wrong direction. If we had hit a plateau or I saw that the numbers were certainly declining, I could start to have some reassurance or even confidence.

Except that isn’t what is happening: there are more and more cases, so how is anyone thinking that we’ve crossed the threshold and we’re on the way to this being over?

Functionaries Save Nothing  (12 May 2020)

Functionaries Save Nothing

Functionaries do not save democracies or representative republics, so there is no vast, silent majority of quiet heroes at the Justice Department. This invisible cadre does not exist despite appeals to the contrary, or vain beliefs in some Herculean, behind-the-scenes effort they’re all engaged in for our sakes. They are merely techocratic little Eichmanns perpetuating the abuse and the disintegration of norms under a corrupt attorney general, William Barr.

And it doesn’t matter if 2,000 or 20,000 former DoJ officials call for Barr’s resignation, or express their Susan Collins-like concerns about public trust. None of them are going to threaten to resign or outright quit. We have had over three years of the dismantling of governmental institutions and barely a protest. Just ineffective open letters.

But one should not worry about their future. Like the tons of workers of the judiciary under the Nazi regime (and who weren’t all necessarily party members or true believers), they’ll just continue in their jobs after the nightmare is over, assuring people how they really didn’t like what was going on but couldn’t leave lest we not have a functioning government at all. How convenient.