05 June 2021 | A Reminder for Justice Porn Fans

It might be time to leave
It might be time to leave

One would have thought by now that judicial porn fantasies involving the previous president would have pretty much died out, but like any messianic belief, they still have legs and give (false) hope.

Biden’s Predecessor is not going to prison. Biden’s Predecessor will not be given orange jumpers. Biden’s Predecessor will not die behind bars. He is the most successful criminal in American history: there have been no consequences for the jaw-dropping scope of his proven myriad offenses, debasement of the highest office in the land, ham-fisted insurrection attempt, and the unraveling of American democratic institutions (abetted by more Little Eichmanns than you would have dared to believe were on hand within government). The overrated Robert Mueller and his crack team, the Blue Wave, two solid impeachment cases, hell, not even the Marshall of the Supreme Court of the United States were able to take this criminal down. The walls never closed in, and he got away with it all.

Yet the fantasy persists; in its own way, kindred to the unending false promises for a speedy “reinstallment.” (Not a thing, by the way.) Oh sure, there *might* be an indictment from the Southern District of New York, that last bastion of liberal fantasy that Justice Will Prevail, but this seems to us like declaring total victory because one guy survived the massacre of his entire battalion. (O Pyrrhus of Epirus, where art thou?)

Let’s face it, we’re all Bruce Willis in “The Sixth Sense” at this point, only without the final realization.