19 July 2020 | Herd Stupidity

Why are fans not leading the way?
Why are fans not leading the way?

While we have a rather low opinion of sports fans (and sports journos, but that's another story), we would have figured that if they were so desperate for sports, so needing to return to normal from the coronavirus pandemic, they would have been leading the charge and asking on day one: “What do I need to do so that I can see football in the fall? Wear a mask? Okay, done!”

But take a listen to any number of call-ins on any given show: they themselves have no intention of wearing a mask and quite frequently invoke “herd immunity” (a concept they have no true grasp of) because they need to be entertained and entertained now. They often prefer to have players just go out and get COVID-19 so they can get immune and start playing. It’s just that simple. And apparently, no one can potentially die because players are young and fit. Honestly, this entire line of “thinking” is so prevalent that it underscores the laziness and selfishness of society writ large.

These are also, no doubt, the same piss-addled morons who swear they would take down an active shooter on their own because they’re so tough. But really, they want sacrifice from everyone else because their world is crumbling without sports.