16 May 2020 | Give It Up Already

These will be handed out by the dozens soon enough.
These will be handed out by the dozens soon enough.

From the Internets:

..there will be nothing stopping Congress from looking into what he was up too and no way to blow off subpoenas or summons. They’ll have to show and testify.

That’s not going to happen.

Ours is a country is addicted to luxury, comfort and amnesia. Any attempts to start cleaning up will be met with right-wing screaming about “overreach” or whatever and that will be echoed by the Media Whores who will pose the question, “Is this the best way to move forward?” Dems, who like blathering a lot of oversight and such, will take their hint and talk about big ticket agenda items that are more important. It will be business as usual.

In almost four years, no one has paid a price. Not really. Everyone has gotten away with their crimes and corruption. Those few people who went to jail for being naughty did a brief stint and are out: no repentance, no regret, no worries. The more nefarious among them are going to be pardoned and won’t skip a fundraising beat.And all those little Eichmanns in the federal government who are making this possible aren’t going to be told by a President Biden “get out and lawyer up.”

For those old enough to remember, this is all like the scene in “Cocoon,” when one of the characters is desperately trying to revive his dead wife in the pool that’s previously brought youthful vigor back to elderly folks. Except the regenerative powers have all been sapped and it’s not working anymore. “I wish I could help you. It’s just too late,” he’s told.