13 February 2020 | Once More, with Feeling

Again, for those people who are just perplexed beyond compare that the so-called president’s approval rating can get as high as 42 to 45 percent: that’s because there’s a solid 10 to 12 percent of people who just don’t care. They do not see what the big deal is, preferring to think, “I’m not interested in what goes on in DC, and I am not being affected negatively, so it’s not that bad.” They’re not supporters of the Thing, although you could argue they’re to be trusted even less than the hardcore 27 to 30 percent of demon-worshipping idiots.

For all the dire talk about tariffs costing us this, that and the other thing, about manufacturing being in a recession and job losses, people don’t feel it. And they don’t see it. What they do see is that it’s not as bad as they were told, so what’s so wrong? You can thank the Media Whores for blithely ignoring those issues, but even then, it doesn’t excuse the general indifference of the public.

We’re also long past the idea that the Thing’s supporters are going to abandon It, much less come to their senses over being screwed over because of these trade wars and potential loss of their healthcare. There is no “come to Jesus” moment for these people, and there is no use in holding out hope they can be convinced otherwise. To hell with them, we say.