10 September 2019 | The System is Down

People need to start coming to grips with the fact that our system has collapsed. We’ve been conditioned by stupid apocalyptic movies to think there’s One Definitive Moment that clearly marks the transition. And like climate change, that it’s just far enough ahead to avoid if we really work hard to stop it.

Not so. People in tyrannical regimes get up in the morning, go to work, go the movies, parties, sporting events, shopping, etc. They aren’t all wearing shabby clothing while huddling near a trashcan fire to keep warm. Life goes on, and people continue with their daily routines. And they cling to coming elections like that alone will fix everything.

The current debacle regarding the now compromised NOAA and the revelation that the United States Air Force had no problem succumbing to the corrupted direction of this so-called president is just more grist for the mill. And in regards to the USAF’s declaration that it will conduct a sweeping review, well, you have the entire 20th century to show you that the military is the third domino to fall in tyrannical regimes. First is business, second is the judiciary, and military/law enforcement is third. Nothing is going to come of this review, or at least, nothing that will matter. Once the infection is in, it ain’t coming out, especially since no one wants to cure it. The system has failed because people let it happen. Willingly. The system is down.

As Ms. Tilda Swinton said to Keanu Reeves in “Constantine”: You’re fucked.