17 February 2020 | Elizabeth Who?

Senator Elizabeth Warren
Senator Elizabeth Warren

Our Media Glitterati has decided that after one caucus and one primary vote, it’s Bernie Sanders for the win.

Oh, and Biden should be dropping out any day now.

This is, at least the impression I’ve gotten from seemingly despondent Democrats who are very afraid of a Bernie Sanders nomination as if it’s now a forgone conclusion. Problem is, there is nothing to conclude and once again, they’re falling for a false narrative.

After all, you know who came in third in Iowa? Elizabeth Warren. Except her campaign has already been written off by the Media Whores because, well, they’re just not that into her. You will see her campaign being described as cratering, her support falling, etc., etc. Having helped to drive out Kamala Harris, the country’s media establishment has decided that Warren is next and that she gotta go.

Sure, Amy Klobuchar was impressive in New Hampshire, but for now, she can escape the disdain of the media who want Warren to disappear already. As I mentioned, it seems they’re busy pushing a Sanders nomination as inevitable and Biden’s campaign on life support. Pete Buttigieg still remains, as they say, “viable,” but the women are treated as outliers in this. The media is done with Warren, and you’ll be reading any number of little hit pieces on her starting to ramp up. And then it will be Amy’s turn soon enough.

What the media wants is a race between male candidates. And they will likely get what they want.