17 September 2019 | The NYT Shuffle

The New York Times banks on liberal/progressive repulsion of the so-called president to keep subscription growth, because no one wants to belong to that Venn Diagram where growing disenchantment with that rag and Donald’s dislike could ever exist in the same universe.

It’s more than a question of “The Times sucks!” This paper has never accounted for its wild support of our Iraqi Expedition, has spent the last three decades in a jihad against anyone named “Clinton”, got rid of its public editor to disastrous effect, and can’t hide its adoration of the barnyard exhibits that pass as conservative “intellectuals” (David Brooks and Ross Douthat come to mind). But like I said, they exploit your loathing of the Thing and their refined martyr routine (“we’re not the enemy!”) to keep you subscribed.

Drop your subscription, enough to make them pause. (But you probably won’t because you like Paul Krugman, as if he’s the problem here.)