06 August 2019 | The Whores Remain the Same

I tells ya, there is *nothing* funnier than watching the minds in Punditland s l o w l y turn when it comes to the New York Times. These bastards cheered on our Iraqi Expedition and offered up a kinda-sorta-sorry-if-you-were-offended defense when it all turned into a shitshow. The Media Whores, exemplified by the Times, failed everyone in 2016, although the Times’ disdain for the Clintons preceded that. (And speaking of failing, anyone remember this? No one at the Times has ever come out and said this was wrong.)

These sonsofbitches are merely living up to the Les Mooves Principle, only they didn’t figure they would be caught so openly about it. They have milked the entire “we’re not the enemy of the people!” bullshit for all it was worth, knowing full well that Democrats and Democratic supporters would rather keep their subscriptions because Imbecile-1 complains about them so much. Who wants to live in any universe where the Venn Diagram of that scumbag’s opinion of the Times and yours comes to within a hair’s breadth? So you deceive yourself about it (“well, they *do* have good reporters! I don’t want to punish them!”) Such bullshit.

You got hoodwinked. Lied to. Bamboozled. And I remain bemused at Punditland residents who still want to square the circle and find some notion, *any* notion, to keep their subscriptions.