09 January 2019 | Played, but Willingly So

Yes, the networks were played by the White House into cutting into prime time for a nonsensical and pointless speech from the Oval Office on Tuesday night (8 Jan). But they did it on purpose.

The television networks deserve no sympathy for what they want to describe as a plight but people with functioning minds know is just cowardice. If there is one talent that Individual-1 has, it's bullying the media into following his every dictate.

But it is really bullying? Sure, that element is there, but oftent I think the MediaWhores are willing participants to the point where it almost feels like—oh, what's the word?—*collusion.* Too many news outlets are thin veneers for entertainment reporting, and as the legendary and sainted Les Moonves, formerly of CBS News, once said, "[Individual-1] might be bad for America, but it's great for CBS." That pretty much sums everything up, because the networks feed off the alleged antipathy of Individual-1. They're also deathly afraid of right-wingers in general, but this is actually a plus for them because it allows them to perpetrate their martyr routines in defense of a free press. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Way to go, media fucks. Way to go.