06 May 2018 | While You Weren’t Looking

My good friend Paul Krugman posits:

@paulkrugman: Seriously, Nick [Kristof] is right that it’s much too easy for pundits to write nonstop about Trump scandals, at the expense of policy issues (source)

One of the reasons our Media Glitterati were so up in arms about Michelle Wolf’s routine at the useless White House Correspondents Dinner was that she cut to the quick of their obsession with two or three topics and then spending countless hours on them at the expense of other things. And what might be some of those other things? Well, how about transferring federally managed public lands to states that will then go the highest bidder, and that may cut public access. Or how about the bad effects of the GOP’s ruination of healthcare that are raising rates? No, you don’t hear much about these topics (not to mention the consumer protections now removed from the banks that crashed the economy not so long ago) because everything must be about the unfit, unqualified occupier of the Oval Office.

No, instead, we have 25 hours of programming dissecting the same topics over and over and over again, while other, more malevolent things have gone unheeded. I’m not even talking about the endless scandals of Scott Pruitt; I’m talking about policies that directly affect you and me. What would it take for ABC News or CBS News to do a daily three minute package titled “While You Weren’t Looking” that briefly informs viewers of how badly this government is running? How difficult is it, for example, to send a reporter out to cover a small community somewhere that might be affected by financial regulations being stripped away? Oh, wait: it wouldn’t take much except for a news director to give it the green light. And that will never happen because what’s important to the MediaWhores are Michelle Wolf’s three topics: Tr*mp, Russia, and Hillary.

Oh, and Flint, Michigan still does not have clean water.

Way to go, pendejos. Way to go.