24 April 2018 | Both Siderism BS

Ah, I see that both siderism is still alive and well. To wit:

@howardfineman: It may seem like a trivial #Beltway social snub, but #Trump’s unprecedented refusal to invite a single member of the opposition party to a state dinner for #French president #Macron actually is vivid evidence of the cancerous tribalism eating away at American ideals of democracy.

Media types seem fixated on promoting the idea that “both sides do it,” something that goes part and parcel with their desire to make sure that two sides of any given topic need equal representation on any given subject because they fundamentally have equal merits. Like say, climate change, when the overwhelming consensus about its existence and cause *must* be “balanced” by the 2 percent of cranks and liars who insist otherwise and want equal footing.

There is no “both sides” here: the party responsible for the flesh-eating bacteria on the body politic is the Republican Party. President Obama never did this, and neither did President Clinton, and it’s inconvceivable that a President Hillary Clinton would. This tribalism is the sole product of the GOP, but thanks to our Media Glitterati, people think “they both do it,” thanks to milquetoasts such as Howard Fineman.

Way to go, pendejos. Way to go.