22 April 2018 | Another Van Jones Moment

While he’s not the inventor of this phrase, and he certainly isn’t alone in using it, I fully expect at some point that CNN’s Van Jones will declare some aspect of the US-North Korea summit as “the moment Donald Trump became president.”

This is inevitable and a very easy prediction to make, because our Media Glitterati will adopt the White House line that this summit must be a “win” of some kind. That’s the talk of the Dotard, who really could not care less about the issue and whose knowledge of the Korean War comes mainly from reruns of “MASH.” No, he’s looking for some kind of win to make himself look like, well, a winner. And there are plenty of Van Joneses among the media outlets who will hype this summit and duly inform us of “the incredible stakes” and yes, they will also bring up Nixon’s visit to China.

The North Koreans also seem to doing some interesting pre-emptive work. The government has declared an end to nuclear testing because, in their words, they’ve accomplished what they set out to do. Now they have gotten legitimacy from the US (a long sought-after goal) without any preconditions whatsoever. That’s 2 for 2. There’s also diplomatic movement between them and the South Koreans. The word “denuclearization” is being tossed around.

What that all means is as clear as mud. But none of that will get reported in depth because only the optics of a “win” is what matters here, and Van Jones and others will be sure to pound that message.

Way to go, pendejos. Way to go.