18 April 2018 | I’m Shocked that You’re Shocked!

This is waaaaay too easy, but how in the world can Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Press, be shocked in any reasonable manner that the Fox Entertainment Channel had no problem with their top draw, Sean Hannity, and his secret relationship with lawyer Michael Cohen?

Oh, wait, I think I know the answer to that: he acts like that channel is a news channel. Now, I know it's easy to say that, but you've all heard the adage that the most obvious solution is the least complicated one. And it's entirely not shocking that Fox is trying to sweep this under the rug or insist that there's nothing wrong with the situation after "having a discussion" with Hannity.

I'm also rather bemused at many calls of other members of the Media Glitterati to demand that Fox do A or B, or, worse in my opinion, insist that Hannity should have disclosed this as if he were an actual journalist. He is not. His network is not a bona fide news organization. But making them out to be is a futile and mind-numbingly stupid thing that legitimate media outlets keep doing. It's almost like they're trying to transform what they know is a propaganda/entertainment channel into one of their own so that it plays by the standard rules.

Prepare to continue being shocked, pendejos.