18 January 2018 | Tax Cut PR Blitz

While I enjoy watching businesses do their part to encourage this tax bill scam because they want to curry favor with the racist, neo-Nazi regime in Washington, I have to admit a bit of exasperation due to Apple techie boy sites and the Associated Press that are pushing a ridiculous narrative that Apple’s proposed expansion and hiring is due to tax cuts. Bullshit.

Businesses expand due to **demand**; they do not simply open stores or hire more people because their effective tax rate is now close to zero if not zero. (Sorry techie boyz, no US company has ever paid 32 percent.) Apple’s granting of restricted stock units to its employees (and saying tax cuts are the reason) mean nothing for you or your family, because--and here it is--businesses ***hold*** onto their money to make more. None of these perks mean anything for any of you, unless you happen to be an employee of Apple, and even then, read the fine print. Also: did they draw up these expansion plans just over the past month? No. Kinda like how AT&T tried to act as though that $1,000 bonus to employees was a direct result of tax cuts, when it had already been negotiated with the worker’s union long beforehand. And don’t forget those quiet layoffs.

(Oh, and by the way, you’re not getting a $5,000 iMac Pro now for $1,499. You’re not getting a top-tier iPhone for a bargain basement price of $399. Sorry.)

Apple, like other big businesses, have very good lawyers who find loopholes and direct the accountants to drive through them. They were not pining away on Irish shores all these years to repatriate their money. They were hoarding it as they saw where they could. Tim Cook has always been thoroughly disingenuous when he’s appeared on television acting otherwise. And since this tax scam bill is so badly written, they'll find other loopholes to exploit, all while maintaining this phony, homespun routine about how much they care about you. They don't and if you expect otherwise from a business, that's foolish on your part.

Of course, the media will be working overtime to pretend that everything is now due to tax cuts, and that gives people the impression that the economy has been suffering and is going to improve. That’s bullshit, but that’s the media’s mission right now.