25 July 2017 | Oh, This is Rich

“You don’t have to agree with them — but you do need to understand them,” said Ernie Barkett, 21, a senior at Youngstown State University who was a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention last summer. “I’ve tried to tone it down, to stop doing the ‘Ha-ha, I told you so.’ The conversation always ends when you start to do that.”

Oh, this is rich. So very rich. The continued, idiotic belief that the nation's stupidest voters need extra special understanding at being victims of a scam, as they previously encouraged shooting Hillary Clinton, locking her up, and yelling "Fuck your feelings, libtards!" every chance they got.

To hell with these assholes.

Our MediaWhores continue their relentless traipsing after Tr*mp voters in the vain effort to understand scam victims, when any episode of "American Greed" will suffice.

Source: Washington Post