20 April 2018 | Resistance is Futile

I happen to have it on good authority that NASA’s social media people were told in an email to make at least one post across the organization’s various channels to welcome their new administrator, James Bridenstine.

Man, were they painful to read (see below).

NASA has many channels, and while I don’t follow all of them, I certainly follow more than a handful and it was completely weird to see post after post with "Welcome to the NASA family, Mr. Bridenstine! We are excited to show you..." before trailing off into whatever specific thing the account promotes.

Now, Bridenstine is a climate change denier, has no science background, has no familiarity with how NASA runs and once looted a non-profit for his own gain. In this corrupt administration, these are features, not bugs, and it certainly wasn’t enough to stop his nomination in the Senate. So here we are: another unqualified candidate to lead an important government agency. I suspect his first order of business will be to either start scrubbing NASA’s reference to climate change and research, or start shuttering things in favor of....privatization.

Did I mention how painful it was to read some of these glowing welcome posts?

Embarrassing Tweet 1

Embarrassing Tweet 1

Embarrassing Tweet 1