06 April 2018 | A Little Cold Fact about Climate Change

It’s too late.

Truth is, serious climate change strategies should have been tackled 10-15 **years ago**, because honestly, it’s too late. There’s no way around it. People keep acting like you can do something because it’s juuuuust far enough past your extended arm that it can be fixed. Corrected. Avoided. Whatever.

Wishful thinking.

It is already too late to think you can prevent this. So while there’s still the super minority of people who reject climate change, there appears to be a very large group of people in denial that the event horizon has been crossed. And contrary to your fervered Hollywood-inspired ideas, civilization does not merely “go off a cliff.” You’re already in the decline of such. It accumulates but it does not have a distinct beginning or dramatic end. In other words, no one living 2,000 years ago said, “Hey, we’re in the intertestamental period!” That’s a fiction for the sake of convenience. You live throughout it without the nice benefit of waking up one day and saying, “Ah, everything has changed this morning."

As Ms. Tilda Swinton said in “Constantine”: You’re f*cked.