06 July 2018 | When Little Johnny is a Bigot


So, now what do we do?

It seems, based on the screenshot above, that we have a whole new generation of little bigots being groomed to go out into the playground ready to tackle any less-than-white kids they might encounter. Naturally, these kids live in a state far from the border with Mexico but like other states in a similar geographical position, exist in a constant state of fear and loathing of Mexicans.

Oh sure, I know: you’re not supposed to visit the sins of the parents upon the children. Unless, of course, they are immigrant children, particularly babies, who need to suffer the full fury of the law *because* of their parents' actions. After all, once an illegal, **always** an illegal, and ignorance of your illegality won’t save you. These immigrant kids are just future criminals.

Blood cancer does not distinguish a person’s age, sex, skin color, religious belief, the entire gamut. It just spreads. Mercilessly. There are various treatments, of course, but we are stuck watching the blood cancer spread and the patient refusing to believe he’s even sick at all. “Fake diagnosis,” you might even say.

Now, you can go ahead and tell me, “Look pendejo, these are just kids. They don’t know what they are saying and will probably grow up rejecting these views as they get exposed to different people.” Okay, but I can’t shake the feeling that it will always lurking below the surface and be worse the next time around. Seeing someone in complete remission doesn’t mean never having to do a follow-up.

So, now what do we do?