23 February 2020 | Latinos as Trophies


Every now and then, I'll venture over to Daily Kos to see what liberal reactionaries are up to, and many of them are thrilled that Bernie Sanders seems to have gotten a sizeable amount of Latino (oh, excuse me, as they prefer to fetishize, *Latinx*) voters for his caucus win. They point to this excitedly as proof that as Nevada goes, so does every other state with an Hispanic voting population.

As a Latino, I find the spectacle of white liberals treating Hispanic voters as a trophy endlessly irritating. This is likely something African-Americans have had to endure for a long time: courted early and often, then abandoned later on down the road once progressives find you no longer useful. I also am disturbed by the subtext of gloating over the Latino vote as a weird insurance policy against black folk, should the latter not vote for Sanders in the massive numbers they prefer.

By the way, 23 percent of Hispanics voted for Imbecile-1 in 2016. Don't forget to chew on that before assuming their Democratic support because of Nevada.