Advice to His Unborn Son

Advice to His Unborn Son

Always be good. That’s what everyone always says when they leave notes like this, but it’s the best way to begin.

Always follow what you feel is right. Don’t give in to the crowd, no matter how much you want to please them. You’ll grow up and start having friends who want you to do what everyone else is doing. You remember that you do what’s right, even if it’s not popular.

Even on your worst days, you owe it to yourself to be your best.

Think for yourself and depend only yourself.

Stand up for yourself and never start a fight. Walk away from one beacause it takes a bigger man to do so. But it’s okay to defend yourself when you have no other choice.

I’m going to mess up a lot of things, because I have no idea what it really means to have someone completely dependent on you.

There’s two books that I want you to learn when you can: the Bible and the Constitution of the United States.

Always help someone out and do what you can for someone else. But never expect anyone to be there for you when you need it. When you drop your expectations, you’ll never be disappointed. But try to find a faithful friend, because they can be a shelter to you.

Never go to bed angry.

Remember to listen to other people, because not everything is a problem for you to solve.

The world is a big place and I want to you see it. I want you see other people and learn other languages and remember that everyone deserves to earn your respect.

Don’t ever keep anything inside and hidden. If you can’t talk to me, talk to someone who will listen. But always remember that no matter how bad something might be, you are the most important person to me and I will always be here to listen.

Men pray more than women, because women are already more spiritual by nature. Respect that and learn from it, because I know I have.

You’ll always be my little boy, even when you have a child of your own, so I’m sorry in advance when I treat you like a child even if you’re all grown up.

Be passionate about helping other people, and don’t give your trust so easily.

When you find someone who becomes your best friend, hold onto that person with all your might and don’t let go. A best friend is your soul mate.

You are no better than anyone else, and no one is better than you.

There aren’t enough words to tell you what you mean to me. And how I waited all my life for you. Because of you, I became a man.

I love you.