Trump’s Willing Executioners

Trump’s Willing Executioners

You own this, Republican Party. You own all of it.

Don't bother to lecture me about politicizing a domestic terrorist attack because the entire episode *is* political. Notwithstanding the fatality of Heather Heyer, this is the absolute nadir for the entire Republican Party because there is no escaping how much you own all of this.

Your party’s leader will not single out neo-Nazis by their collective name for deserved condemnation.

Your party’s leader is unwilling to remove avowed white supremacists—Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller to name just three—from serving in the White House.

Your party’s leader is a racist birther who spent five years alleging that Barack Obama was not an actual American to your quiet approval.

You suborned all of it and now you own it lock, stock and barrel.

There is no way that the GOP can act as though it has nothing to do with the march of neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia. The entire party demonized Barack Obama as a Muslim, a Kenyan, a Marxist and more, gleefully employing every dog whistle they could for their reactionary base and well-heeled bigots with lots of money. Even Mitt Romney, often portrayed as a “moderate” heeded the call of that deep racist strain in the modern GOP by insisting Obama “didn’t understand America.” He meant **white** America, of course, and Romney knew that because he had to exploit it. Doesn’t matter if he really believed it or not: all the dialogues about Obama from the Republican Party inexorably drifted that way, stoked by “taking our country back” that came to life on 20 January 2009 and the astroturf farce called the Tea Party.

The proud marching of neo-Nazis in Charlottesville is the climax, as it were, of seven (some might say thirty) years of GOP hatred and racist bile. Of all the failures of the 2016 presidential election, the Republicans did nothing to stop the unfit, unqualified bigot that is Donald Tr*mp. Stupidly thinking that they could control him and that he was all bluster, GOP party officials wound up becoming Tiberius to Caligula, nursing a viper at the bosom of our republic. And they are perplexed and helpless to staunch the deep wounds they have inflicted on the entire country because of their malfeasance and greed for power. They’ve all become consumed.

But they are not victims. Not in the slightest. There are several direct lines between the terror attack in Charlottesville and the GOP's dereliction of anything resembling traditional American values. You support a racist. You support a blubbering fraud who cannot even single out neo-Nazi poison as the starting and final point of the killing and violence in Charlottesville. What’s the preferred line of your party leader? Oh yes: “on all sides.”

What an obscene spectacle that a party always advocating personal responsibility is looking desperately to pin the blame of emboldened neo-Nazis on anyone but themselves. Oh yes, Republicans Jeff Flake, Orrin Hatch, Marco Rubio and others have dutifully called out their party leader’s failure to identify white nationalism as the perpetrator of this crime. But they will do nothing against it past these pity remarks. For the Republican Party to attempt to brake the descent straight into hell is to understand thoroughly and completely how badly they are all now compromised. And they cannot do it. Do these people think carefully worded condemnations are enough? That the stunning failure of their party leader can be glossed over by staff-written press releases? If your party leader is incapable of taking a direct, unblinking stand against these neo-Nazi sonsofbitches, that means your entire party is complicit, and a handful of condemnations is pathetic and ineffectual. How many fruits of the poisonous tree must drop? How are you going to gloss over these glaring facts about your party leader and pretend that it’s business as usual the following day? If his agenda includes doing nothing about the neo-Nazis taking their cues from him, and the ones pushing such filthy ideological from within the White House, then that means you’re pushing the agenda of a racist bastard and his neo-Nazi friends. There is no light between you. Your mealy-mouthed protests are not enough.

Until the Republican Party comes to the realization of how fatally compromised it now is, all of them need to have Charlottesville embroidered as a scarlet C on their expensive suits. You are beggars to your own demise if you fail to grasp the scope and depth of how depraved your party has become under your unfit, racist party leader. There is no separating you two.

You are nothing more than Tr*mp’s willing executioners.