A Weak America is a Liberal Dream

A Weak America is a Liberal Dream

The truth of the matter is this: the world does prefer that America is the world’s policeman, because otherwise, it’s their noses getting bloodied and eyes blackened.

But American liberals prefer a weak America, a country more like those of western Europe. Leftists have long been bothered by American (military) power: it has never been a force for any good, but a longstanding indictment of American evil. The military is the bane of the Left’s existence, a direct expression of undemocratic power, oppression and imperialism.

For liberals, America has no need for military force because diplomacy trumps all. That and international courts and a dedication to reasoned debate. Who needs a military? Except there are actors in the world that do not speak the same language. They do not care about international courts or the purpose of endless diplomacy. Their interests are not American interests, and they will not lose any sleep at night circumventing American power.

For liberals, America has no moral center and never did. American history is a long list of unpardonable crimes: genocide of Native Americans, slavery, support for dictators, undermining democracy while insisting on wanting it everywhere and, of course, good old-fashioned wars. (Never mind that America’s record of alleged imperialist wars absolutely pales in comparison to the beloved Europeans). America cannot have the moral upper hand on any issue, and for that reason, liberals prefer a weak, chastened America that cannot be the guarantor of any conflict resolution because of its bloody history.

What other country is preferable to America’s role in the world? Liberals see that as a ridiculous question, again preferring the role of the United Nations versus any single country. And, precisely what has the United Nations done that put some bite to the bark when dealing with out-of-control events that wound up getting scores of people killed? Rwanda? The conflict in the Balkans during the 1990s that saw, once again, the specter of concentration camps on European soil? How about the civil war in Syria? The most the United Nations did there is demand that chemical weapon stockpiles be destroyed. Good for them, good for the world, but that’s it? Pleading with both sides to agree to a diplomatic settlement doesn’t always work, especially when you have two powerful countries like Russia and China thwarting any moves that punish Syrian butcherer Bashar al-Assad and level the battlefield.

What liberals hope for is a defanged America, a country that complies with European liberal thinking and never uses a military ever again. An America that never spies on anyone because that’s contrary their political sensibilities. For liberals, the enemies of the open society are just misunderstood, poor and desperate actors driven to extremes by arrogant American foreign policy. And on that note, anything that continually shames and damages the country is often a point of pride for liberals. No wonder that Edward Snowden is now their latest hero: someone who stole information and then engaged in a whirlwind tour of Asia to wind up a guest in Moscow. All the while claiming he was “morally troubled” by the activities of the NSA. Fine, except Mr. Snowden, through his lackeys, continues to harm the interests of the United States by embarrassing the country and causing a great deal of ostensible damage that goes well beyond the original revelations of domestic spying. What purpose does this serve?

But this is the America that liberals like: one that is bloodied, bruised and looks foolish and weak. In a weird manner, it’s exactly what televangelists claim when a natural disaster occurs and its cause is attributed to America’s tolerance for homosexuals or abortion. Likewise for liberals, the relish comes from anything that solidifies their belief that America deserves what it gets. Two sides, same coin.

Do not think that I have no issues with domestic spying or that America’s use of military power is uncritical and always good. Or that American foreign policy is a sterling example of unselfish desires and general goodwill. What I do have an issue with, is the idea that America should be neutered and weak; a European-style state that cannot act on its own and inspires little-to-no pause among those world actors who do wish to wreak havoc. Like it or not, America is the world’s global cop, and I prefer to keep it this way.