They Want to Call Him “Nigger”

They Want to Call Him “Nigger”

The fixation of the birthers has gotten beyond eye-rolling or a mere annoyance: it's a dangerous and downright evil campaign that has made already stupid people believe something even more dumb. It's the only way to delegitimize the president without calling him what they want to: nigger.

How else do you explain the constant references to Kenya (go back home, nigger) and calls for his birth certificate? Slaves don't have birth certificates because they're not really human beings, but they do have ownership papers. When a birther scumbag is calling for the president to produce his certificate, what they are really saying is that black people aren't regular folks because you don't issue birth certificates to animals or property. Therefore, neither animals nor property are in any position to lead free white men and asking the question becomes the perfect proxy for denying the president his humanity and his position.

What's worse is that this farce, this obscene farce, is allowed to fester from the top leadership of the GOP. Neither John Boehner nor Eric Cantor or anyone else will outright tell people to stop this false charge, but they settle for a comfortable "If the president says so," or "I won't tell people what to think." It's an act of pure cowardice and they're complicit in the ugliness. Of course, this is all for votes, but if you keep denying the president's humanity (again, property doesn't have birth certificates), you're stoking undeniably ugly ideas that won't go away.

Donald Trump, whose clownish, fake campaign for a presidential run has now crossed into pure demagoguery, is only making matters worse. It's almost stupefying to believe that he polls better than real politicians on practically this one subject alone. Even with a determined opposition to the president, this should alarm them beyond measure because again, it debases the president's humanity and reinforces the dark thoughts of very disturbed people: the president isn't a full man like us whites, property does not have a birth certificate. Stoking this, the impossibly ridiculous Trump has no problem letting this become an even more malignant hatred that will result in something terrible.

What an embarrassing thing is for Republicans that *this* is their one idea that now defines them. They're reduced to constructing their ideas around the illegitimacy of the President of the United States. They want to call the president a nigger but they can't, so the immoral birther charge is their proxy for doing so. And when they complain that leftists did the same with George W. Bush, remind them that they claim to have better morals, better consciences and an innate understanding of what's right and wrong. And the fact is, nobody denied George W. Bush's humanity and personhood. That's what this festering birther monstrosity is doing and they know it.