The Refutation of Christian Principles

What is the best refutation of Christian principles? All politicians.

Lying for the Lord is as old as the Lord himself, but his followers have taken their hypocrisy to a greater and sharper degree: they lie to themselves, they lie to their fellow man, they lie upon rising and lie upon going to bed.

The human animal is at the core, a deceptive animal that cannot be tamed. No religion has ever conquered the beast lurking in the human heart. You cannot see the principle of "love thy enemies" at work anywhere in the world. Never in the course of Christian history has this been practiced except for the most vulnerable: slaves and women who died with the promise of a blessed afterlife. But men in power? Men in power seek more and delight in foiling their enemies. Once you have power, you cannot let go and you jettison all values to keep it.

The guilty among us try to end their lives by atoning for their misdeeds, their dashing of Christian principles on the rocks of their lust for power, with philanthropy. Each man tries to buy his way into Heaven.

Christian principles are refuted on a daily basis by the ones claiming moral superiority. You cannot, not in any way shape or form, reconcile a politician's stated belief in the divine with his actions. Only a mind perverted by hypocrisy can make his perversion into a virtue. "I am a good man," says the politician, "but the president is a Kenyan, a socialist, a Marxist." These are lies and the politician knows it: how does he go to church? How does he repent? He doesn't. He has refuted Christian principles and will expend great amounts of energy to deny this is the case.

Name one politician worthy of the title "Christian." You cannot, but we are all deceitful, vengeful animals with minds warped by hypocrisy. What makes a good Christian, for these deceitful serpents, is his willingness to "tell it like it is." How is this possible? If one of the commandments of God is not to bear false witness, how do you justify this? How has poison become honey?

It hasn't; it never will. There are no Christian principles guiding the lives of men; they have been refuted, they are cast aside, they are pushed off the cliff to satisfy the lustful power of men. You cannot talk about faith and honesty when you are motivated by spreading a lie, any lie, to destroy your opponent.

The human animal says he knows the truth: he knows the Lie. He practices the Lie. He encourages anger, rage, violence but he absolves himself on Sunday. A cornerstone of the Lie. It is not the guidance of Christian ideals, morals or ethics: it is the sacrifice of these things for vindictiveness and pettiness. No one can be absolved of this; it is a gross, leaden sin.

This is the truth of our society today; a lie, compounded by ignorance, and a daily refutation of all Christian principles.