12 September 2012 | Fickle Geeks

I'm not particularly surprised at the reaction of the blathering techie boy comments about the iPhone 5. I think the only real disappointment is that so much was leaked beforehand that it almost seemed anti-climactic. Still, folks were just bitching left, right and center about how it was just a stretched out iPhone 4, nothing to see here at all. But yet, these are the same people who think tech specs are what people want in their phone.

There's a reason why Android phones outsell the iPhone: there's dozens of models across the same amount of manufacturers. The market is flooded with Android devices that have to do more to differentiate themselves from other similar devices. Apple essentially makes one model, and anyone who watches this company knows that Apple grows its product lines. Its design approach is really rather conservative, so why alter a functional and iconic design when it's the internals that seem to be of more interest? To satisfy the fickle tastes of a crowd that represents too small a market share to matter? This is where tech types will step in to define themselves as "power users" whose opinions drive tech purchases but this is just self-flattery. Apple is a consumer product company, and if its phone design was so horrible, people wouldn't buy it. They wouldn't care.

But based on the sales numbers, apparently they do, and they like what Apple offers.