21 May 2023 | Beggars to Our Own Demise

Beggars to Our Own Demise

“...That’s because I believed there were safeguards,” she said. “What I am seeing, they don’t care about laws. They don’t care about rules. I have never seen anything so fragile as our government.”

The most telling observation in this Daily Kos post: the American belief that “safeguards” are there to save the day. If there’s any lesson from the destructiveness of the satanic former administration, it’s that our safeguards were made of chicken wire. The upper echelon of our own government who likely had a hand in Jan 6 have gone unpunished and certainly not been threatened with any actual consequences. When you have a party that is as the depraved and syphilitic as the GOP is, now successfully turning Jan 6 into a minor event and lickspittle minions across the country doing what is described in the post, well, we are beggars to our own demise.

This is symptom of collapse. There’s no other way around it, but there does not appear to be a sense of urgency or action at large with the American people. The 2024 election is going to make the election of 1800 look tame, but none of us seem to be worried, what with Democrats and Democratic-supporters believing in yet another messianic deliverance with independent special counsel Jack Smith being prophesied to save the day. Like Robert Mueller: remember him?

The decks are being stacked against us, in plain sight, by people who do not care about how it looks. And there does not seem to be anyone stopping them in their tracks.