08 April 2023 | As Corrupt as They Wanna Be

As Corrupt as They Wanna Be

You know what one of the perks of being an unelected, lifetime Supreme Court justice caught taking what amounts to $500,000 in luxury yacht trips and more, and has a wife who works to overturn a fair and free election is?

Knowing that ain’t nuthin’ gonna happen.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who is getting revenge on “the Left” for being mean to him during his Senate confirmation hearing, is living the high life. He knows that he and his ultra-conservative fellows, like Sam Alito and keg-bro Brett Kavanaugh, are ensconced enough to make rulings and throw out precedent to make life miserable for millions because that’s what right-wing judicial activism is all about. And he also well knows that he is untouchable. No tsk-tsking from legal ethicists is going to make one bit of difference. So light up that cigar, Clarence, and enjoy a cold can of Coke: you’ve got it made.